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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day of Excitement

Today was a day chock full of excitement. Some more easily shared than others, I'm sure, but still ....

One event in particular has my daughter still talking.

Sure, the kids are excited about painting Luke's bedroom walls and picking out plants for our new garden, but ... it doesn't compare. This is making them really THINK.

We went to the mall today to look for a bed tent for Luke's new big boy bed, but we were barely out of the car when we saw a few men take off running through the parking lot. It scared me, and I started eyeing the distance to the mall entrance, when one started yelling and asking for a phone. I looked over - they were just in the next aisle - when I saw legs peeking out past a gold car. Finally understanding, I called 911 as I listened to the men look down at the fallen woman and speculate as to what happened. Slowly others began to gather around, and eventually a nurse turned up with a towel and began putting pressure on the gash on the woman's head. Throughout all the drama I continued relaying the conversation of the people helping the woman to the 911 operator and trying to answer his questions. By the time the fire and rescue truck and then later an ambulance made it to us, a small crowd had gathered to frantically flag down the paramedics.

A woman from the crowd helped the paramedics find and secure her personal belongings, and it turns out that her name was Rose. She rgained consciousness as they transferred her to the ambulance, and I think she'll be okay - not that I have any great medical knowledge to draw upon. She did lose a lot of blood, though, and my kids were quite scared. Could you please pray for Rose and her family?

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  1. How many times have we had an experience like this, only to have the children remember it for years?! So glad she had the help she needed, and yes, a quick prayer for her today. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment.