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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

GratiTuesday - Heading Outside ...

He suddenly seems quite big.  He's lost all vestiges of the chubby-cheeked baby I brought home from the hospital and the round-faced toddler who zoomed everywhere.  He's now long and lean, a veritable bottomless pit, a wealth of scientific facts and figures.

That love of science prompted his birthday request.  He wanted to spend the day outside and go fishing.

So fish we did. 

Rather, he did - with his daddy and papa.

He thought the fish should've been biting faster, so after a while we left the lake and headed to a nearby creek for some playtime.

The kids loved splashing through the water, getting wet, finding treasures, catching frogs, and generally exploring.

I'm very proud of this guy, but really - slow it down just a bit, would ya?  There's no need to rush things QUITE this much!  ;-)

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  1. I know what you mean my littlest one is suddenly all leggy and coltish at 5. Too soon!

    1. Time goes by much too fast, Helene!