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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ta-Da! A Big Announcement

It's been really quiet around here lately. Partly because it's summertime, and we've been living the usual hot weather, crazy life that one does with kids in the summer months.

But also because things have been changing.

This is the last post for A Nest in the Rocks at this address - we're moving!

I've been wanting to make this change for a while now, but My Big Helper has been up to something pretty awesome, and so she sparked this change.  You can find out more about her newest endeavor at the new site A Nest in the Rocks.

The Nest has a new look, and it's organized a bit differently, as well, but you'll find more faith-based, home, hearth, and education posts there.  There are several new recipes on the way that I'm excited to share, and I have lots of book club ideas and field trip events to tell you about, too.  You'll find some new Midweek Mission ideas to do with your kids, and there are exciting books to be reviewed soon.

There's also a BIG giveaway in the works and coming soon, so check out our new site, find your way around, and be ready to enter to WIN some really exciting prizes.

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