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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great Start

We're off to a great start! We had lots to share last night, and everyone had nuggets of truth to share. We parked ourselves in Genesis and got caught up there. Next week we'll move on to Job, but ...

Genesis is just full of action-packed stories with lots of hidden truths. This one is too good not to post here:

In Genesis 5 the entire Gospel message is hidden within a few short lines of geneology. If you look up the meaning of the names, you'll see that:

Adam - Man
Seth - appointned
Enosh - mortal
Kenan - sorrow
Mahelalel - the blessed God
Jared - shall come down
Enoch - teaching
Methuselah - His death shall bring
Lamech - the despairing
Noah - comfort, rest

So, what this means is that:

Man [is] appointed mortal sorrow, [but] the Blessed God shall come down teaching [that] His death shall bring the despairing comfort [and] rest.

How awesome is that??! Thanks, Grace and Peace!

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