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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Voice of Truth

I never realized just how bad Job had it. I knew that he'd lost everything - his money, his livelihood, his house, his children, and his health - but how hard must it have been then to sit there and listen to his wife nagging him and his friends berating him? Nobody on earth was on his side, and that must have been such a lonely place to be. Even then Job wouldn't curse God as they all asked him to do, but he continued to praise God's power even in the midst of his honest complaints.

But ...

Job asked for a Mediator, someone to go to God for him.

We have One. His name is Jesus.

There may come a time when those around us stop supporting us or when their words hurt. It may not come from a human, though, and may be 'pushed for' by Satan - by the one who lies.

But ...

We have a Voice of Truth.

That's what I couldn't stop thinking about today. When it seems as if there's trouble on all sides and we're all alone, isn't it awesome that, like Job, we're really NOT??

Check it out!

Although, this may be pretty applicable for Job, too. He sure was good at this!

PS - As usual, Grace and Peace has posted some wonderful thoughts about Job over on Wendy's blog. Don't miss it!

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