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Monday, January 14, 2013

"Twice a Bride" by Mona Hodgson

Twice a Bride, Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series #4   -     
        By: Mona Hodgson

Widow Willow Peterson settles in at Cripple Creek, determined to support herself as an artist.  When she finally begins to freelance for a handsome young photographer, however, she realizes that staying single for the rest of her life might not be her only choice.My favorite aspect of the Cripple Creek series is how Hodgson tackles tough issues head-on.  Willow isn't sure that she's ready to trust another man with her future any more than Trenton wants to try his hand at love after being thrown over for another man.  Trust is never easy, but it's especially difficult after being hurt.  The possibility of Willow's father remarrying is also dealt with in this story from the perspective of Willow and her sisters.With all of that said, this is not a down-in-the-dumps book.  Like the other books in the Cripple Creek series, Twice a Bride has a decidedly lighthearted feel to it.  Hodgson is incredibly talented to weave these weighty issues into such a fun story.  The small details, such as Willow's fudge addiction and messy picnic dishes, give a realistic feel to each character.Most books seem to have a rather singular feel - deep or fluffy, suspenseful or placid - but Twice a Bride is full of deep heart lessons that have you laughing instead of crying.  I'm definitely watching out for Hodgson's next book!I received a free copy of Twice a Bride in exchange for an honest review.

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