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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Could Prophecy Change Your Parenting Style?
Every year we watch The Nativity Story on December 23rd, and this year was no exception.  This time, the scene on the beach, where Joseph and Mary talk about how they'll parent baby Jesus after his birth struck me.  

In the movie, Joseph asks Mary, "Will I be able to teach Him anything?"  Mary looks back as if she doesn't really know, and it made me think about what a big task was ahead of them.  About how much they really didn't know about the coming baby - and about how much they did.  They knew he would survive birth - which was always a question in those days.  They knew that He would be special.  That God would take care of Him.  That while He would be different, He would garner attention at some point in His life, but that it would be okay.  He was destined to become the King of Kings, after all.

All of this pondering brought me back to Joseph's question.  Will we be able to teach them anything?  We're not raising the Savior of the world, but ... what if we are raising someone unusually special?  What if we are teaching the next Billy Graham or Michael W. Smith or Darlene Schech?  What if our child is to be the mother of the next Kirk Cameron?  

Would we parent differently?

Just as the movie Joseph didn't know in what way Jesus' special beginnings would manifest itself, we don't know how God plans to use our children - but He does.  Whether they become famous authors or teachers or diligently teach the next generation all about God's faithfulness, He will use them.  Every single one.

Does that type of prophecy - or lack thereof - change your parenting style?

It has made me determined to live this year more intentionally than ever.  To be sure to be reading and studying, both on my own and with my children.  To be praying for them and with them.  To dream big dreams and pray big prayers - not that they would become rich or famous or have easy, comfortable lives, but that they would be strong and courageous and honest and useful to their God.  

Those prayers are scary to me.  God doesn't think the way that we do, and He's willing to push past all of our boundaries to accomplish His purposes.

But really, would I want my kids living anywhere other than in the center of God's will, scary or not?


So I'll continue to dream those dreams and pray those prayers and teach them the best way that I can.

How will you be parenting in 2014?

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