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Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Ideas for Making Valentine's Day Special {in the midst of Snow-maggedon '14}

I heard something on the news that bothered me yesterday:  a Georgia sheriff declared Valentine's Day to be 'cancelled' because men wouldn't be able to get to the closest convenience store at the last minute to pick up whatever chocolate or wilted flowers were left.

That bothers me.  Partly because I don't want somebody else's leftovers, but mostly because it makes me sad that we would assume that all of the men in our society are incapable of being thoughtful or of planning ahead.  Sad that we think that the only way to show love is to purchase something at the store.

I think differently.  We can show love any day of the year.  We can show love without storebought gifts.  We can show love in the midst of a huge snowstorm that keeps us at home.  We can show love at the last minute or by planning days or weeks or months in advance.

But if you're one of those people who did procrastinate and you want to turn your situation around, here are some ideas to make this Valentine's Day fabulous.

1.  Make a card detailing your plans.  Maybe you had great intentions of going out for dinner or the theater, but you're now snowbound.  Design your own card, using construction paper and markers or PicMonkey, then share those special plans and when you're going to do them instead.  Spend some time talking about why you've chosen this special event - it's her favorite restaurant, your favorite show as a couple, etc - and savor the anticipation.

2.  Make some hot chocolate and spend some time in conversation.  If you're married, chances are it's hard to find time to talk about anything other than schedules and laundry, but that's important.  Find out what those 'favorite' things are - color, movie, restaurant, snowy day activity.  They might've changed since you last asked!  My husband really listened to what I said on our first date, and he carefully asked questions, and that was a very attractive quality to me.  Renew those acquaintances now that you have some time to spend together.  Need a good hot chocolate recipe?  Here are eight to choose from

3.  Snuggle in and play some games.  Board games may not be as popular as video games these days, but they're great for some old-fashioned fun - and since you're not sitting side-by-side at a set of controllers, you can talk, make eye contact, and hang out together while playing.

4.  Prepare a special dinner.  You may not be going out, but staying in can be fun, too, and you can probably find the ingredients to make something fun right where you are.  Make a simple stir fry and laugh your way through dinner while you attempt eating with chopsticks.  Create an omelet with onions, peppers, ham, and cheese, and eat by candlelight. Make some French toast with all of that milk and bread you bought before the snow began and drizzle some chocolate sauce on top instead of syrup.  Or go red and try to eat only foods that are heart-ish in color - spaghetti, lasagna, tomato bisque, strawberry sorbet.  Be creative!  Here's a fun recipe for Pizza Casserole.

5.  Make some snow people.  Yes, it's cold, but there's something both fun and intimate about putting yourself out there for the world to see.  It's also fun to spend time working at a common task - and many of us don't do that enough.  So with this abundance of snow, go make some snow people.  How would you dress each other?  Are you going to put yourselves far apart or holding stick-hands together?  Fill a small spray bottle with some red-dyed water and spray hearts where the hearts would be.  

6.  Stamp a romantic message in the snow.  Just remember, that while you're valentine can see it, so can all the neighbors!  

7.  If you still have power, snuggle in for a movie marathon.  Choose a theme - like chick flicks or action adventure - or take turns choosing the movies.  Snuggle in together with a bowl of popcorn, some chocolate chips, and a shared blanket.  Watching movies together are a great time to give a good foot- or back-massage, especially if you're spending the holiday with the kids. If you want to combine the popcorn and chocolate, try making this White Chocolate Popcorn.

8.  Go for a snowy, moonlit walk.  My husband and I both love snow - but our favorite time to be out in it is at night, when the moonlight reflects off the snow, the world feels quiet and peaceful, and it seems as if you're the only two people alive.  Bundle up and go for a walk through your neighborhood or to a local park.  Take the camera along and look for special shots of snow beauty, or, clown around, taking selfies and goofy shots to remember this snowy Valentine's Day long after the snow melts.

9.  Stage your own mini Olympics with these quick games.  These Minute-to-Win-It style games use very simple materials but are loads of fun.  With the Olympics happening in Sochi, stage your own games and compete to win.  If you're married, perhaps you could choose a fun prize for the winner?

10.  Get grocery-store creative.  Hot, Holy, & Humorous posted a list of items that you can find at your local grocery store to make Valentine's fun.  Chances are, you have at least a few of them in your house already.  If you're married, check out these ideas for a creative and romantic Valentine's Day.

So what would you add?  Snowed in or not, how can you make this Valentine's Day special?

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