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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free Snow-Themed Printable!

I love this verse from Job.  I love the idea that He has 'storehouses of snow,' which it says in Job close to this verse, and that despite all of our technology, tools, and so-called smarts, we do exactly as this says:  our busy modern lives completely shut down in awe of His amazing power.

The above is a free printable over at our Facebook page today.  To get yours, click on this link and 'like' the page.  Then click on the 'Likers Freebie' tab at the top of the page and download it.

** Many of us are directly in the path of, or are already being affected by, a big wintry storm.  Here in North Carolina our meteorologists are calling for two and three times as much ice as I've ever seen - way more than enough to knock out power for more than a week.  Please pray for those people in danger from this storm - and remember just Who is really in charge of our world.

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