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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Little TwinkerBellz! {Sponsored Post}

I recently met Ann of Twinkerbellz, a custom -design Etsy shop for women and girls.  I was even more excited when I found out that My Big Helper would be receiving this pretty purple dress!

My Big Helper decided last year that she wants clothing that's more 'artsy.'  Not being artsy myself, I've had a difficult time identifying exactly what that is - but Ann has nailed it with this dress.  My Big Helper loves that it's purple first and foremost - but it has lots of fun details that made her smile.

The pocket on the front is perfect for hiding small treasures, and the bright polka dots definitely qualify as 'artsy.'  The unusual styling of the bow and the fastening in the back is a detail you don't see in typical clothing anymore, either, and it's that attention to detail that makes Twinkerbellz stand out.

My Big Helper is now looking forward to spring so that she can wear her new dress.  Since she's been praying for snow for months and cheers each time the word 'snow' enters the forecast, this is quite a feat!  I'm happy that a single, colorful article of clothing can make her so happy - and especially that it's a well-made, age-appropriate, fun piece.

You know, I'm pretty excited to see her wear it, too.

To order your own Twinkerbellz, visit Ann's Etsy shop.

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