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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GratiTuesday - Let It Snow 2014

Last week got a grand snowfall of 2 inches.

Since we live in North Carolina, you know that means that schools closed early, hours before a single flake fell from the sky, and that everything was shut down for three full days afterwards.

Our schedule didn't really change much, since we're based out of our home, anyway, but we all enjoyed the winter scenery.  The kids headed outside at every opportunity, and I took advantage of chilly temperatures to serve soup and sit by the fireplace, logs blazing.

I love winter!  God makes it so beautiful...!

The first morning, as the kids headed outside for the first time, I trailed them in an attempt to get some pictures.  This is what caught my eye:


A lone dump truck, small and made of plastic.  I'm sure most people would've been excited to see a big one this full of snow!

Siblings, excited to be outside after wintry precipitation has fallen ...

so excited, in fact, that they must race each other up and down the street.

The squirrel mansion, snowed under.  Might something be inside even now?

This little sled goes faster and farther than one might think!

This one wanted to go faster and farther, but ... it stalled out mid-hill.

Finally - they're in sync!

We've all got a think for icicles here.  There's just something about them that's awesome - the way that God lets the water melt and refreeze to make such neat shapes is just cool.  Can you spot this tiny one?

I'm glad that we had the chance to stay home, stay warm, and be together during last week's snowy stay-cation, but even better than that is God's wintry beauty.

What's your favorite thing about winter?

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