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Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - March 3, 2014

Yesterday we spent the afternoon outside, reveling in the sunshine and temperatures near 70.  Today we're snuggled inside as a winter storm overtakes our area, threatening us with 1/2" of ice and snow on top of that.  I think we're moving back to fires, baking, and comfort foods!


- Caramel Pumpkin Doughnut Hole (Muffins), oranges

Pancakes, grape juice

- omelets, juice, bananas


Wild rice soup & salad with Italian herb bread - it's happening TODAY!

- dinner out at a banquet with friends

- Breakfast for supper - Blueberry Biscuits, oranges, and scrambled eggs

- Leftovers

With the weather as cold and yucky as it is, I'm definitely thinking that we need to bake something - I'm just not sure what yet!  Maybe chocolate chip oatmeal cookies ... they're always good.  :-)

What are you cooking this week?

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