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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"A Surprise for Lily" Response Activities Are Here!

I love sharing fun and educational ideas with you.  

I love great books even more.

That's why Suzanne Woods Fisher's Adventures of Lily Lapp series is so wonderful for kids:  it's a high-quality story with wise characters, fun adventures, and brimming over with learning opportunities that are fun for everyone.

I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for digging into a book and finding all the great things that you can do with it, so I've done it for you!  New in my TpT store tonight are sixteen pages of science, cooking, sewing, history, discussion, art, and mission activities that are all pulled from A Surprise for Lily. Everything that you need to host a kids' book club, literature group, unit study, or family read aloud time is here.  

By digging into the story literally and trying your hand at Lily's activities, your child will be able to relate to Lily much better.  Your child will be able to understand Lily's choices and discuss her trials and triumphs with you.  S/he'll be able to compare his/her life with Lily's from a knowledgeable perspective - and you might just discover some new talents at the same time.

So hop on over to my TpT store and check out Responses to "A Surprise for Lily" for yourself!

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