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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GratiTuesday - Girly Art Time

My Little Man has been out and about a lot lately.  With basketball camp and baseball practices in full swing, he's been hard at work - which means that My Big Helper and I have had lots of time to ourselves.

Last week she decided that we needed to paint.  We pulled out canvases and our art supplies and got to work.

Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we took our supplies out to the deck and sat in the shade while designing our paintings.  

I've never painted on a canvas before, though I've often wanted to.  It was fun to hang out together, mixing and blending and dabbing.

My Big Helper has painted on several canvases but has only rarely blended colors, and since that's my very favorite part of painting, we talked through different ways to do that while she worked on her latest sunflower project.

It was a fun afternoon.  It was fun to pull out the art supplies and fun to relax and be creative and fun to spend that time with My Big Helper.

Sometimes, those pockets of time created by sports or other random activities are my very favorite things - because then I get focused time with one child or the other.

I love that.

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