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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Field Work Fridays: Dance

Today we visited a Christi's Dance Center to learn what dance is all about.

We started out by learning about the different types of dance that Christi teaches and the kinds of shoes worn for each one.

Christi, the studio owner, taught our class.  She had everyone begin basic stretches ...

 of many different kinds.

The kids loved these!

After getting really warmed up, Christi taught the children about the basic positions of classical ballet.  The children enjoyed trying to copy Christi's feet and arms!

Christi also showed the children a variety of ways to move across the floor based on different styles of dance.

My son had never been exposed to formal dance or exercise before.  He loved trying to follow the moves and did well until the need to run won out.  We'll definitely be doing more specific exercises around here, though, and if you've never checked out a dance studio ... find one near you and check it out!

Do your kids take dance??

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