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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do ... Snapping Beans

So I've had access to a wonderful man selling fresh green beans, which means that my little Bean Snapper is back in business!

The best way for children to learn is to be involved.  I mean, think about it - two hundred years ago, were children playing video games or choring alongside their parents?

To that end, the kids help me with many of my daily tasks, and the ones involving food or massive amounts of dirt are their very favorites.  Since Luke is a serious bean lover, he adores this task.

My Little Man can't yet snap the ends off of the beans.  He can't get quite that precise about where he snaps them yet, so we have a system.  First, I snap off the ends and lay them on the table.  Then he snaps the beans in half to make them a more manageable size for eating.

My Little Man is happy to be helping.  I'm happy to be spending time with him - and knowing that he'll have some basic knowledge of these things when he gets bigger is just icing on the cake ... ahem, the beans.  :-)

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