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Monday, May 9, 2011

GratiTuesday - Big Boy Pants

Some moms hate diapers.  They can be smelly and they leak and honestly, who wants to focus in on that part of your child 10 times each day?

I've never minded them too much, though.  

My husband's always been good about taking his turns with those smelly things, and as long as the little ones were wearing them, we were good to go.  We could travel anywhere - whether they had nice bathrooms or not.  We could go on long car trips without visiting every cornstalk and hillside along the way.  Quick changes could take place behind an open car door wherever we happened to park with no one the wiser.

But, times change, and the time came for my son to change - but he was afraid of this ...

and did not want to use it.

I was quite worried about this and have been interviewing my friends for months to find out exactly how they went about teaching their little boys.  We finally decided that it was time, though, and he moved into these about two weeks ago:

After a few days, he decided that he was okay with this whole thing, and that he was going to wear his "unnerwear" all the time.  Diapers are now only for bedtime, and even then he's almost always dry.

So, today, I'm very thankful for little boys who take suggestions well.  For a Daddy who was willing to spend a few days working with our son on this project.  For electric washing machines and good detergent for those early days when he didn't quite 'get it,' and even more for his determination now to do so.  I'm even grateful for a little boy's ability to make those cornfield and hillside visits quite a bit easier than they were for his big sister.

But most of all, I'm glad that our diapering days are over, and that we're now firmly entrenched in the world of big boy "unnerwear."

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  1. Congratulations! Its always a bittersweet moment for me to pottytrain. No longer wearing diapers closes the door on babyhood, which I enjoy so much. But woohoo for not having to change them anymore! We are expecting our first boy after two girls, and that is one thing that will be different that I'm a bit nervous about. Its not like I can advise him on it much! I'll be interviewing my girlfriends too when the time comes :)

  2. Oh, to say the same. we've come in and out of big kid pants at our house and have yet to make the successful switcheroo at night... Congrats!