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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GratiTuesday - Just Past the End

School ended on Friday for our Princess.  She finished kindergarten on a very high note, with awards ceremonies and picnics and parties galore that last week.  The events just kept comin', and we all stayed very busy.

But today was Monday.  With no school.  No other activities.  Nowhere we had to be.

Starting tomorrow, we'll be in our summertime routine, with playgroups and field trips and all sorts of summer stuff.

Today, though, we just enjoyed being together - at home.

God gave us a beautiful, sunny, clear day with low temperatures and humidity, and we took advantage of it.

Buckets and the hose called to the kids.  It's amazing what they can do with a few cups of water.

Despite the fabulous play set that my Wonderful Husband and my dad built the kids, their favorite place to play is under it.  Today, as per my Little Man's construction tendencies, they made "cement" in their buckets.

Good thing they don't like to get dirty.

When I wasn't looking directly at the kids - which I was, often - or my book, my view tended to be something like this ...

because I was looking from right here!  My Wonderful Husband got the hammock put up recently, and we've all been enjoying the views - and the downtime.

So, today, I'm grateful for happy children and water buckets.  I'm grateful for siblings who want to play together and are content to turn the most basic of playthings into the grandest of creations.  I'm grateful for blue skies and sturdy hammocks and good stories.  I'm grateful for the "newness" of togetherness and activities that summertime brings, but for now, I'm grateful that we're just past the end of the craziness and that God has built in this break for us.  That He gives us time simply to 'be' before we have to begin anything new.

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