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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GratiTuesday - Tractor Pools and Ice Cream Cones

Last Saturday my husband took our Little Man to a tractor pull for some boy bonding time.  That meant that My Big Helper and I got to have some girl time.

We had to run some errands, too, so we got those out of the way.  While we were out, she chose a movie for us to watch together.

After that, we headed to The Sugar Shack for an ice cream cone.  We don't do that often, and My Big Helper was quite excited to choose her flavor.

As the clerk handed to the cone to her, she exclaimed, "That's not one scoop!  That's TWO!"  The clerk assured her this was only one.  Mental note: never order more than one scoop at The Sugar Shack unless you want a cone the size of your head .  :-)

We moved outside to eat our cones in the courtyard.  The weather was surprisingly pleasant, and the breeze kept us cool as we frantically licked our dripping cones.  It was a great night for hanging out outside, and I loved sitting there, laughing with My Big Helper and just enjoying the night.

(She asked me to take her picture beside the purple flowers she liked so much.  Great setting, huh?)

We stayed up way too late to watch our movie and ended just about the time the guys came home.  They returned full of stories about big wheels and loud engines and dusty smoke, both talking excitedly, eager to share about their outing.

My husband told me later that when the event was over, Our Big Helper turned to him and said, "Daddy, I saw the tractors, but where was the pool?"  I love the innocence of four.

So today, I'm grateful for a husband who chooses to invest time in our children.  Who will take them to crazy events to spend time with them and who seeks out ways to invest in their interests.  I'm grateful for a husband who encourages me to make dates with our children, as well, whenever I'm craving some special time with them.  I'm grateful for big ice cream cones and excited six-year-old voices and sugar highs that induce crazy giggling.  I'm grateful for purple flowers and cool breezes and round iron tables.

I'm especially grateful for my husband, who got mildly jealous at our stories of ice cream and took the whole family out a few days later.  I might've missed this face!

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