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Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - July 11

Vacation Bible School started last night and runs through Friday, and that means that our daily family life is turned upside down for this week!  Our kids usually have a consistent and early bedtime - no later than 8, normally - and that doesn't work when you don't get home 'til 9!  Because of these 'late' nights, they'll sleep in each morning and our meal plan is topsy-turvy.  Here's what I'm planning for this week:

Since the kids will sleep in and have a big lunch, we'll stuck with cereal and fruit or toast each morning.

Monday - Veggie/Stuffing/Chicken Casserole, something like the one found over here.
Tuesday - Pizza from Papa John's and diced tomatoes.  (I can get free pizza this day, so why not??)
Wednesday - Tacos, diced tomotoes, and corn in honor of our Mexican study happening this week (Although the kids are campaigning hard for lunch at Torero's - we'll see what Daddy says!)
Thursday - Shish-ke-sketti and canteloupe
Friday - lunches return to normal from here on out - sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt/cheese

Suppers this week will be swapped with our usual lunches to make the VBS commute work (we travel 30 minutes each way).  I'll pack picnic lunches for the kids and my husband to eat in the car - mostly consisting of sandwiches, cheese, and sliced veggies or fruit.
Friday - hot dog social at church following the VBS finale
Saturday - Grilled chicken salad
Sunday - Grab it and Growl

Despite having snacks at VBS each night, the kids are still hungry when they get in the car afterwards.  For snacks for the ride home, I'll pack:
blueberries and cheese
chocolate chip cookie bars

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  1. I will be trying the Shish-ke-sketti!

    BTW, did you pick a winner for the Indelible giveaway? Just wanting to make sure I wasn't missin' anything :)

  2. Jenmom, I apologize for the great delay in posting the "Indelible" winner. Yes, my daughter chose a number, and Tonya was the corresponding winner. I've had technical difficulties which have made it difficult to remain online long enough to edit older posts. I'll be more diligent from here on out!