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Friday, July 15, 2011

"Water's Edge" by Robert Whitlow

Tom Crane had it all - a success job in a law firm, the promise of a huge account that would surely make him partner, a girlfriend, pets ... until his father died in a tragic fishing accident.  Suddenly losing everything he holds dear, Crane returns to his small Georgian hometown to close down his father's law practice and bankrupt estate.  Nothing about his father's country practice is as he expects, however, and Crane finds himself encountering God, old girlfriends, and government officials in a desperate search for truth.  Can he find it - and clear his father's name at the same time?

As always, Whitlow writes in a clear, concise manner that is easy to read and uses very descriptive words.  The main character's law specialty, however, is not so easy to understand.  I struggled with the specifics of offshore accounts and which sorts of rules apply to whom and finally just skipped the logistics.  It was enough for me that Crane understood it, and I was able to follow the story without having the technical details straight.  (If you're a financial genius, I'm sure you'll have no problems - I'm just more of a cash-on-the-barrel girl.)

It took me a bit longer to get in Crane's head than it has in Whitlow's other books, but by the third chapter I was hooked.  I couldn't wait to find out how Crane would solve the mystery.  With mystery, intrigue, suspense, a bit of romance, and a search for God thrown in, this book is not your typical paperback.

If you're a mystery lover, be sure to check out Water's Edge!

I received a free copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I love a good mystery and must add this to my "Need To Read" list! BTW, I sent an email to you with the link you requested. Have a great weekend!