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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GratiTuesday - Girls' Night Out

My Big Helper turned eight last week, and although she was sad that my family was not able to come for her birthday weekend, we were excited to learn that we'd have an aunt and great-grandmother come to visit this weekend.

With the weather much to cold for the picnic we'd planned, we decided to head to Southpoint, a big mall in southern Durham, for a Girls' Night Out.  My Big Helper has never been on one of these excursions, and she was super excited about taking her Meme to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner - a huge treat for her and a first for Meme.

Upon arriving at the mall, we took advantage of the sunny day and visited a few fun stores.  This one, It's Sugar, is exactly what it's name suggests - and everyone had fun checking out the enormous sugary treats.  I wonder how many cavities that lollipop would give you?

When we headed to the Cheesecake Factory, we discovered a line hours' long, even though it was quite early - so we had a light dinner elsewhere and returned to get cheesecake to go.  The selection is enormous there, and the cakes on display in the case are  gorgeous, as far as desserts go, and choosing was difficult.  My Big Helper was happy to choose the Oreo variety so that she could "share the Oreo on top" with her brother.

When we returned home, we dug into our cheesecake slices - sharing just a bit with the guys.  They were yummy!

This was quite the excursion on an already-busy weekend, but it was fun to have some girl time away.  While the weather was chilly for a picnic, it was perfect for an afternoon at this mall - the sunshine was warm, the water in the many fountains glittered, there were lots of people to watch, and the piped-in music was festive.  Best of all, we could be silly about our chocolate or cheesecake selections and be totally understood.

Sometimes, you just need some girl time - and cheesecake.

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