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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Unleash Your Inner Artist

I like to find crafty projects for my kids to do occasionally.  We usually do at least one artsy thing for each season, holiday, special occasion, and unit.  I tend to find the activity, prep the materials, and then help as necessary while they work with it, perhaps handing out new brushes, dispensing glue as needed, or reminding them of basic rules (we don't shake bottles of paint!).

One day last week we switched things up.  I joined in.

My Big Helper got a box of pastel chalks for her birthday.  We had a bit of time on Sunday afternoon between special events, and I asked if I could chalk along with her.  She seemed excited about this idea, so we got out extra paper.

While my Big Helper chalked away at portraits of family members, I worked on a single flower from the birthday bouquet that her grandfather bought for her.  The flower was a deep burgundy color - not red, not purple, but somewhere in between.  I sketched away, blending with my finger and struggling to get the shading right, knowing that I was failing miserably at it.  God is a much better artist than me!  

As I added layer after layer of color, however, working beside my daughter, life was peaceful.

It didn't matter that there were mountains of laundry waiting to be done.  It didn't matter that I had to finish icing a cake for church.  Didn't matter that the floors were furry or that I'd be stepping on Matchbox cars and dinosaurs when I got up.

It was fun to sit there beside her, working contentedly, sharing small pieces of brightly colored chalk.  It was fun to allow my creative side to rule for a while in a purely artistic endeavor.

I think we need to do more of this.

I always liked doing crafty things with my mom when I was little, and then, as I got older, baking, painting, and quilting on my own.  While chalking or penciling art projects wasn't something I did often, I did go to art camp one summer and took an art class one semester where everyone sat around on high stools, sketching and shading bowls of fruit - and while I'm no artist, it was enjoyable.

I had forgotten how much I did enjoy it.

So the next time my kids break out the paints, tissue paper, or chalk sets, I'm going to be right there with them, not so that I can 'teach' them how to use a certain medium, but for my own artistic enjoyment.

Are paints and chalks not your thing?  You can be creative in other ways.  Decorate a cake.  Try a new recipe.  Roast potatoes with different herbs.  Arrange some flowers.  Customize a t-shirt.  Sew some new pillows.

Spend some time working on a creative project for the sheer enjoyment of it.  See if it doesn't brighten your day.

Do you ever do art with your kids?  What kind?

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  1. Beautiful, Amy! Love the spring colors.

  2. Beautiful. There is nothing better than finding a way to bring you closer to your children and I think this helped with that. I know I need to take more time for things like this.

  3. I found your giveaway via Pinterest. I'm totally in love with your blog!! Thanks for hosting!