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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Helping the Orpfans

My Big Helper loves the song 'Kings and Queens' by Audio Adrenaline, so a few weeks ago we looked the song up online when we heard an interview about it on KLOVE.  We watched the music video together, discussed the symbolism we saw in it, and then read about how the Hands and Feet Project, a mission started by AA, was having to turn away orphans in Haiti because of the sheer number of them. They were asking for donations through the ministry's website to build more orphanages.

She immediately wanted to help. 

While I made dinner, she ran to the playroom, emptied a tissue box, and started decorating. By the time our food was ready, she had a sign saying, "Help the orpfans in Haiti - Donations here" and was shaking it in front of each of us.

That night, at our church's children's program, her eyes lit up.  "Can we put my box here, Mommy, and ask the people at church to help?"  

After explaining to our pastor and creating a bulletin insert, this past Sunday she stood up front at the first service, microphone in hand, and bravely mumbled to everyone that they needed to read her bulletin insert.  She was nearly in tears before leaving, terrified of speaking to so many people.

But by the second service, she was more prepared, and she spoke clearly into the microphone, telling everyone that the orphans in Haiti needed their help.

By the end of the day, the kind and generous members of the congregation had given several hundred dollars, all of which will be sent to the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti and used to build another orphanage.

My Big Helper is beaming.  I'm not sure what she expected, but I certainly didn't think that much would be collected.  It's beyond what I could have imagined - but not beyond God's imagination.

I'm thrilled that the mission will receive this money and be able to help more children, but honestly, what has me even more excited is that my daughter got to see it in action.  At seven, she saw that God can use us, no matter how big or small we are.  She saw that she can make a difference.  She saw that God will help her do even scary things. She saw that  we can work together to do big things.

Who knows what big idea she'll get next?

The Hands and Feet Project is a mission organization started by Audio Adrenaline to build orphanages in Haiti.  Their website states that 100% of all funds donated will go towards construction.  If you'd like to learn more about this mission or contribute yourself, visit Hands and Feet Project.

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  1. What a beautfiful girl. How proud you must be! Good job, Mom! (hope you are feeling better too.....)

    1. Thanks, Lynne, we are very proud of her! (and I'm finally starting to feel better.)