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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - "A Matter of Trust" by Liz Wiehl

What do you do when your children are growing up and are ready for suspenseful literature?  Maybe they're into detectives, solving crimes, learning about forensics, but they've moved beyond Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew.

I've found a great option.

Liz Wiehl's A Matter of Trust is written in the true-crime style - though it's not. A story about attorney Mia Quinn just returning to work after years of staying home with her children, she's forced to venture back into the workforce after the death of her husband.  Dire financial straits and trouble at home keep enough stress on her plate, but when she hears a friend's murder over the phone, she signs up to head the murder investigation and find the killer.

One aspect that makes this book great for teens ready to amp up the suspense factor is the cleanliness.  Mia's husband handled their finances and apparently didn't do a good job, as their piles of debt come to light after his death, and although I kept expecting a more sinister reason for this to come slithering out of the corners, one never did.  While the murder itself was bloody, the descriptions are well done.  Painted clearly, but not overly gruesome.   

Although the main character is a mother and widow, roles that teens and young adults may not be able to identify with, she is presented first and foremost as a woman.  She has friends, both male and female, she has issues with her dad and her son, she's forgetful.  While I could definitely identify with some of her parenting struggles, I could also relate to her personhood.  Mia comes across as a friendly, kind, stressed out person who's doing the best she can in a very tough situation - the kind of person you'd want to know, befriend, and help out.

I really enjoyed reading A Matter of Trust.  Then again, I've enjoyed all of her books.  Suspenseful, faithful, and realistic, it's a great read for the murder mystery fan.

What kind of books do your teens read?

I received a free copy of A Matter of Trust from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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