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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Poetry is WHERE?

I'm not a poet.  Definitely.  I'm not a huge fan of poetry, either, at least not the classic kind or the super modern kind, but ....

I love poetry for kids.  The rhythm, the patterns, the excitement on their faces when they get it and see how fun words can be ... it's wonderful.

Of course, being the thematic-type person that I am, I love to match up poetry with our units.  Jack Prelutsky is one of my favorites.  He's the author of Ebenezer Bleezer, a fun poem about crazy ice cream flavors that I'll be using during our ice cream studies next month.

So imagine my delight when I realized that someone has animated it!  You can now WATCH and LISTEN TO Ebenezer Bleezer on YouTube!  Check it out!

So, immediately after watching Ebenezer a few times, I had to search for my other favorite poet, Shel Silverstein, and guess what?  


I don't look up things on YouTube very often, so perhaps you're not quite as shocked and amazed as I am, but this has great possibilities.

My Little Man's becoming a huge Silverstein fan, and now I can let him watch and listen to his heart's delight (while properly supervised, of course) because my man's watching poetry.

Wait'll his daddy hears about this.  wink.

What has amazed YOU this week?

Last week Kayla at Practicing Prudence shared a post about what submission really means in marriage.  This is not an easy concept to understand, but Kayla's clear words are inspiring.  To find out more, visit Practicing Prudence - and Kayla, please visit our Inspired Wednesday page and take the "I was featured on Washed Up Inspired Wednesdays' button back with you.  

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