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Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - August 26th, 2013

We're back to being all over the place this week.  Between soccer practice, a soccer scrimmage, and heading away for a landmark birthday celebration, I don't think we'll be here much - and when we are, 'easy' will be the name of the game.

Just being honest.

My Big Helper did finally get to make dinner, though, and she did a fantastic job.  She chose to make tacos with refried beans and a salad, and it was fun to see how happy making dinner for everyone made her.  She was surprised by how easy it was to make, and when she was done, she declared herself a master chef and decided we should have tacos every night. 


The day before My Little Man decided we needed a chocolate cake and that he was the perfect man for the job.  Turned out he was, because he made a pretty amazing cake.  He tried out a new recipe that was a bit crumbly but tasted great - and he used this family favorite recipe for the icing:  Peanut Butter Icing.

This week, the weather looks great, and I don't think anybody's fighting over kitchen duties.  I might be on my own this week. 

Here's the {tentative} plan:


Cinnamon Almond Granola and fruit
- Scrambled eggs and bananas
- Chocolate chip muffins, fruit
Hearty Breakfast Casserole
- Leftover pancakes, see below


"Best Ever" Cheesy Grilled Potatoes with ham & broccoli, watermelon - still haven't made this!

- Pancakes, sausage, fruit
- Baked potatoes with cheese, ham, and veggies
Foil babies - sausages, potatoes, peppers, and onions grilled, fruit
- Leftovers

I'd like to make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars and maybe some Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCC), too.

What are you cooking this week?

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