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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - A New Game for the Whole Family {Typecrush Review}

* I received a free copy of this game in exchange for an honest review.

My Big Helper could not wait to open our new game of Typecrush.  She eagerly opened the can and read the directions on a Sunday afternoon, refusing to let anyone enjoy a Sunday nap.  She set it all up and called us in to play.

Typecrush couldn't be easier.  Essentially, one person spells a word using the provided letter tiles, and the objective is for everyone else is to guess it.  Whomever guesses correctly first wins that round and gets to choose the next word.  

There aren't any other rules.  Everything else is up to you to create.  You could have bonuses based on how many rounds you win, a limit to how many times you can guess incorrectly, or anything else you can think of.  

To make it easier to determine letter patterns, the letter tiles are color coded into five categories based on how often the letters are used in the English language.  For example, the blue tiles contain 'a,' 'e,' and 'n.'  Letters like 'z' and 'x' are a different color.  Several cards are included with the game that show exactly which letters are which color.  This would make it much easier for beginning readers - or those who understand phonetic patterns - to correctly guess each letter, and, therefore, the whole word.

Typecrush would be a fun game to play during reading time.  You could use it to work with words following specific patterns, like the -CVC pattern, or use common phonemes.  Because it would be difficult to play without being able to read at least a little, Typecrush is recommended for people 7 and up.

While we'll enjoy playing it in this straightforward way, it was not quite as exciting as I'd expected, but I think that was because there were only three of us playing.  I'm looking forward to a bigger family get-together coming up in a few weeks.  The open-ended nature of this game lends itself naturally for families-gone-wild, and I'm thinking that we could put some fun rules in place for this - like cookie bonuses for those who correctly guess a word or phrase.  Maybe we'll see how many 'over-the-hill' phrases we can think of to roast the birthday boy.  Maybe we'll play in teams.  However we play, Typecrush provides the basis for a very entertaining evening - one that everyone can enjoy.

  • Few rules allow for flexible play.
  • Color-coded letter tiles provide important scaffolding so that even early readers can play.
  • The many letter tiles allow for phrases to be incorporated into play.
  • Allows your own creativity to guide the game.
  • Can easily be used during learning time.
  • Simple enough for kids to play but challenging enough for adults.
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Creativity is required.  Lumps on logs will have issues.
Other important stuff to know:
  • Typecrush sells for $25 from
  • You can purchase Typecrush here with free shipping every day.  Family fun is guaranteed - your money will be returned if you don't love this game!
You can find Typecrush around the web here:
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What kind of games do you like to play as a family?

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