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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - "Home to Heather Creek" by Kathleen Bauer

I love to read.  

You've probably noticed that by now, if you've been visiting here long at all, but it's the truth - and I've found a fun new series.

Check them out:

Before the Dawn begins just one week after the funeral of Charlotte's daughter, Denise. Denise's three children barely have time to process the death of their mother before they must move to the Heather Creek Farm they have never visited with grandparents they barely know. At age 16, Sam is fiercely protective of his younger siblings. Emily is 14 and desperately misses her friends. Young Christopher is only 8 and just wants to fit in. While Charlotte tries to help her grandchildren adjust to their new life, she also wrestles with her own grief and the enormous task of bringing her family together. Bob believes the fastest path to adjustment is a firm routine, with structure and chores, the same way they raised their own kids. However, that route led to Denise running away from home as a teenager and an estranged relationship with her family. Charlotte is worried about making the same mistakes she made with Denise. Is this her chance to make things right?

It is spring when the children arrive, and as Charlotte looks around the farm, she hopes the new life around them will signify hope and healing. The miracle of new life, along with God's healing touch, reminds all of them that it's always darkest just before the dawn.

Sweet September picks up at harvest time, as the children are settling into a new school year. While the harvest should be an exciting time, the children don't seem to be getting into the spirit. Emily is struggling with farm life, Christopher spends most of his time alone, and Sam is failing school. Trying to learn from what did and didn't work with her own kids, Charlotte is determined to get her grandchildren back on track.

As tenuous family bonds threaten to break apart, a mystery on the farm might be the one thing that can bond the family together. Charlotte sets out to uncover the truth, and as the kids unite to find answers, this cobbled-together family learns more about one another and the love that binds them together.

The lives of the Stevensons and their grandchildren unfold in this captivating story of the remarkable change that comes from the love of family, the kindness of others, sheer persistence and unshakable faith. As readers follow the Stevensons' inspiring stories, it's almost impossible not feel a part of this friendly, loving community, where God's grace can be seen in every circumstance.

My favorite stories are those that feel real, and unfortunately for the Stevenson's grandchildren, this series does.  The drama and enveloping sadness following a death is there, but so is the hope and promise of spring - of finding a new normal and figuring out how to make life work again.  Friendships and community connections play large roles in helping the Stevenson family to adapt to this major change in their lives.

I loved the steadiness of the farm - of the change of the seasons, of the unpredictable routine of the work, and of the way that it reminded me of my great-grandparents on their farm.  I loved how foreign it was to their grandchildren and how hard everyone had to work - both to come together and to survive.

The cast of characters is pretty cool.  Diverse in personality and talent, they don't even work together very well - but their determination to stick together shines through it all.  

I'm not sure what sort of scope is planned for this series, but I hope that there are more planned.  While the immediate problem of finding tentative peace for the family does reach resolution within these books, the characters do not feel finished to me.  I would love to see more books written into this series and to find out what happens to these characters next.

You can read other reviews on this bloggy hop here or go here to purchase your own copies now.

About the Author: Kathleen Bauer is the pen name for a team of writers who have come together to create the Home to Heather Creek series.

I received a free copy of these books from LitFuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

What's your favorite genre?

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  1. These books sound interesting. I love the covers, very pretty.

    My favorite fiction genre is historical. I love learning about history while reading a good story. : )

    1. I'm with you, Cathy! I'd be hard-pressed to choose just one favorite, but I've been reading historical fiction since I was a little girl. I love the opportunity to learn about little-known events in history through story.