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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inspired Wednesday -

Origami Owl’s Living Lockets are very creative, but they seem pretty straightforward, right? I mean, you choose a locket, you fill it with the charms and/or plates that you want, attach any danglies or extras, and there you go.

Except that Aspen Tucker, the sponsor of our fabulous Origami Owl giveaway, has made that even more unique.

Many of the O2 items can be purchased in two versions: plain or with added crystals.  The lockets and some of the charms have this option.  Generally, I’m a rather plain girl.  I don’t wear sequins or many bright colors and I’m not much for the spotlight, but every once in a while It’s nice to dress up a bit. That’s why I think Aspen’s idea is so much fun.

Aspen took one of the lockets with the embedded crystals on the outside and made it have two distinct looks.  She put her stamped plate in backwards, so that from the back you see the plate and displayed word only.  From the front, then, you see the charms that she’s chosen set against a metal backdrop. 

This allows you two completely distinct options within the very same locket.  How great is that?  You can change out what you put into your locket every time you wear it – or you can just turn it around and go with your other favorite look.

How much simpler can it be?
Aspen Tucker is generously giving away a bracelet and Living Locket to one lucky Nest in the Rocks winner!  Enter to win using the widget below.

How would you wear YOUR Origami Owl?

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** I am receiving a free Origami Owl Living Locket and chain in exchange for an honest review.

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