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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Executive Mansion!

We just went on our annual Christmas Family Date, and this year we just happened to be in Raleigh during the weekend when the Executive Mansion - the Governor's Mansion - was open to the public.  Having heard that this was a beautiful tour, we decided that we couldn't miss it.

Our tour began here, in the Gentleman's Parlor.  This room was beautiful and had one of my favorite trees in it.  We learned that every single bit of greenery in this entire house is all REAL - and that a huge team of decorators did the entire mansion in a single day.

This is the library.  The governor's wife is a big supporter of the SPCA, and there were pictures and figurines of dogs everywhere.

The tree on the sun porch was decorated with ornaments made by children of military families.

This simple creche was tucked away on a small marble table beside the grand central staircase.  The mansion itself was quite beautiful - but I liked this simple decoration best. 

The formal dining room seats 24.  The mansion is available for charity groups to use, and so it is more often used as a buffet table for larger groups.

This is the Ladies' Parlor.  The tree and gifts underneath were decorated in a Victorian manner that was really beautiful.

While trying to snap a photo of the kids in front of the grand staircase that's in the center part of the house, directly in front of you when you enter through the front door, a kind security guard offered to take one of all of us.  

Some house, huh?  ;-)

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