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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from our Nest to Yours

It's almost here!   Christmas is coming!

We're all rather wild with excitement here in our Nest.  We're finishing up last minute baking, cleaning, and wrapping, all while singing Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies.

We have a few Christmas traditions that are really important to us.  Tonight we'll watch The Nativity together and talk about what it must have been like to be there on the night that Jesus was born.

On Christmas eve we'll go to church for a special candlelight service and then come back home, where we'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, blow out the candles on his birthday cake, and light the final candle in our family advent wreath.  We'll do all of that with friends and family - our "birthday party" for Jesus.

Christmas Day is pretty calm around here.  This year we'll have breakfast - cinnamon rolls and fruit - and then my husband will read the Christmas story from Luke.  After that, we'll move tree-side to open presents.  

Our Christmas dinner is going to be lasagna this year.  Strange, perhaps, and different from the turkey I'm accustomed to, but I'm looking forward to spending a minimum amount of time in the kitchen and a maximum amount of time with my family.

The rest of the day we'll play games together, watch Christmas movies, and rest.  We'll munch and snack and enjoy the simplicity of being together.

I'm going to be focused on my Nest for the next week or two, so I might be a bit scarce around here, although I'll probably pop in and out a bit.  

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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