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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GratiTuesday - A Most Precious Gift

One day last week My Little Man and I spent the morning running errands.  It was one of those crazy days where you want to be home but need to be out getting stuff done to enjoy the time at home.

As the list of errands dwindled, I grew more excited.  Time at home with My Little Man, playing a game or reading some stories, was nearly in sight.

We pulled into the library for a quick trip inside, and I climbed out.  I opened My Little Man's door and as I grabbed our things, he turned and bent down.

Thinking that he wanted to play and that there would be more time to play outside when our errands were completed, I tugged on his hand.

"Come on, My Man," I complained. "We're almost done and then we can go home.  Let's go."

My Little Man hopped up and slowly turned around.  He walked with me, matching my steps, as we crossed the parking lot and headed for the front door.

Suddenly he reached up, and in his hand was a small yellow flower.  A dandelion.  Freshly picked from the small patch of grass between our car and the street.

I stopped.

"It's for you, Mommy,"  he said quietly.

And I knew that I was hurrying too much, that I was missing the beauty even in the errands.

And then it was worse.

"Do you know, Mommy, why I like to give you flowers?"  My Little Man asked.

"No, why?"  I asked, as we stood there, right in the middle of the library sidewalk, leaves blowing around us.

"Because I love you.  That's why, Mommy."

Today I'm grateful for my sweet Little Man and his spontaneous flowery gifts.  I'm grateful for the love that prompts him to seek out gifts for me.

Mostly, though, I'm grateful for this gentle reminder that even in the busyness, we're still together.  Still loving.  And that time is still passing.

I want to make the most of it - and make each moment a gift.

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  1. How precious! What blessings we miss when we're in a hurry...thanks for sharing. :) ~Lisa