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Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - December 5, 2011

Another week has arrived and it's finally beginning to feel like Christmas!  Our decorations are nearly complete and now we're moving on to the crafty side of Christmas.  With two plays, a Christmas party, and some school volunteering this week, we're also pretty busy.

I've also discovered that we have a wonderful problem:  our large chest freezer is full.  I don't really do freezer cooking; instead, I just use my freezer to store fruits, jellies, veggies, and meat that I put away during their growing season or find at a fabulous price.  I did plan to start making some fruity breads to put back for teacher gifts but found that I can't make another thing fit into my freezer, so this week we're eating from the freezer.  I've typed the frozen items we're using in italics.

Here's the current plan:

- cereal, blueberries, bananas

- spiced apple waffles (milk) X2 - recipe coming soon
- baked almond oatmeal
- scrambled eggs, toast

- yogurt, blueberries, granola
- muffins, oranges

Lunches will be leftovers or sandwiches with yogurt or cheese and sliced fruit or veggies.

- Chicken sandwiches, baked sweet potatoes, applesauce for the kids (dinner at a Christmas party for my husband and I)
- Spiced apple waffles (milk) - leftovers to be used for breakfast
- Chicken noodle soup, homemade bread
- Tacos, corn, applesauce, Belgian chocolate lava cakes - enter here to win your own!
- Chicken pot pie soup (milk, chicken, veggies), biscuits
- Dinner out - girls/boys night at our house
- Something simple - leftover soup and sandwiches, maybe

I'm also still working with those extra apples that I have!  Hoping to finish that project this week.  Also:

- Bake a batch of cookies for my son to share with his classmates.  His last day is Wednesday!
- Bake a few batches of cookies for a cookie exchange on Sunday.  I've always wanted to go to one of these!  Any suggestions??

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  1. Homemade oreos! I made them, and I swear I will NEVER buy oreos again. The only thing I'm working to change on them is to make a softer cookie - not quick cakesters soft, but more like chewy-keebler soft. :) Anyway, they're fabulous even with the crunchy cookie that goes with original oreo.