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Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Shadow in Serenity" by Terri Blackstock

Carny Sullivan, the child of carnival folk, found the stable life she's always wanted in Serenity, a small town with a big heart.  She and her son settle in for the long haul and so are very upset when Logan Briscoe breezes through and promises to build a theme park. Claiming that Briscoe is a scam artist, Carny warns the people of Serenity about the dangers of investing their money with him.  She begins to spend time with Briscoe in an attempt to find out the truth - but can she uncover it before the townspeople lose their life savings or she loses her heart?

Shadow in Serenity had an unusual start.  Written by Terri Blackstock nearly 17 years ago, it was penned at a time when she was writing romance novels.  After dedicating her work to the Lord, she began purchasing the rights to her past work as they became available and rewriting them.   Because of these rather distant origins, the tone of this book does not match Blackstock's current work - it's much more lighthearted and romantic - but with the same undertones of faith that she's been writing for years.

I always enjoy reading Blackstock's books.  Not only does she create interesting, realistic characters, but there is always a lesson to be pulled away from each one. Shadow in Serenity is no different; Logan Briscoe's story will make each reader ponder the possibilities of whether people can really change.  Blackstock hopes that her readers will turn the last page and know "that no matter what they've done, no matter how dark their past is, they can be redeemed. Some of the greatest people in the Bible committed heinous crimes. David and Paul were both murderers. Even worse, Paul murdered Christians. And David murdered the husband of his mistress, because she was pregnant with his child. In 1 Corinthians 6, we're told who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven, but then it says, "Such were some of you. But you were washed clean ..." I love that. He's talking to the redeemed, people who were once criminals and sinners, but they didn't have to stay that way."

Terri Blackstock has sold six million books worldwide and is a ”New York Times” bestselling author. With over 25 years of success as a novelist, Blackstock's most recent novel, “Vicious Cycle,” debuted on the ”New York Times” bestseller list. The first book in the Intervention Series, “Intervention” is a “New York Times” bestseller and a 2010 Carol Award Winner. Other Blackstock favorites include ”Predator” and “Double Minds,” as well as the Restoration Series, the Newpointe 911 Series, the Cape Refuge Series and the SunCoast Chronicles series. For more information, please visit

I received a free copy of Shadow in Serenity from Shelton Interactive in exchange for an honest review.

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