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Monday, February 6, 2012

Multitudes on Monday - February 6, 2012

We had a totally chaotic week, with schedules going every which way, and yet ...

- My Big Helper loved making dessert all by herself - and she did a great job.

- There are such enthusiastic kids in our playgroup.

- My Little Man wrote his first book - about dinos, of course.

- He learned how to peel carrots, too, and excitedly declared that "This is the most fun EVER!"

- The valentines' crafts are beginning to happen.  I love to see their creativity!

And there were other things, things where the camera just didn't happen in time:
- A little boy, excited to spend time with his daddy on Sunday afternoon.
- A little girl, excited to come home from Bible class and start reading her new Bible, cautioning us not to lose her page.
- A great report card.
- Daffodils blooming in our back yard, and gracing the kitchen table, as well.  I love having fresh flowers in the house!
- A fire in the fireplace on a cold  night.
- Being missed at a party by my children, and having My Little Man decide that he and I should have our own to make up for it.  I love his thoughtful heart.

Which blessings are you finding this week?

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