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Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - February 13, 2012

The beginning of our week is full of baking for this lovely holiday happening tomorrow, but then we slow down for a bit.  The kids have lots of food requests this week, so we're incorporating those into our plans.


- yogurt parfaits with fruit and cinnamon almond granola
- scrambled eggs, toast, and oranges
- whole wheat cinnamon rolls, fruit

- Crock pot mac 'n' cheese, steamed broccoli
- BBQ, crashed potatoes, and roasted carrots
- Baked sweet and sour chicken with brown rice and stir fried veggies

- Homemade "Subway" sandwiches (at daughter's request) with grapes, peanut butter ball with pretzels for dessert

- Parmesan Veggie Potato Soup, bread, apple slices
- Grab it and Growl

Our Valentine's Day Menu:

- Blueberry sprinkly pancakes in heart shapes with strawberry smoothies (breakfast)

- Valentine's Pizza Casserole with green beans and Peanutty Krispy Treats

We're helping at several Valentine's parties this year, and so for those we're making:
- chocolate and peppermint cake ball truffles with this cake as the base

- Black Magic Cake with Cheesecake Filling and Chocolate Ganache
- White chocolate popcorn treats, bagged individually

What's on your menu this week?

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  1. Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday, I love the blue willow plate! It is what attracted me to your site, I love blue willow. The heart shaped pepperoni is such a cute idea. Anyway, I am now a follower and can't wait to read more!

    Have a great week.


  2. Love your menu this week.

    This is our menu this week:

    Monday- Mexican lasagna (it was so good)
    Tuesday-Crock Pot Taco Soup
    Wed- Our 15th year wedding anniversary so we are going out and kiddies will have pizza
    Thur-Italian Sausage and peppers with potatoes
    Friday- Go for what you no night.

    Sauasage and eggs
    Toaster Streudel
    Bagel w/cream cheese and sausage links

    Turkey/ham sandwich
    chicken Salad
    Pizza Rolls
    Chicken Fahitas

    I made red velvet cupcakes for Valentines Day, and I made flourless peanut butter cookies.

    1. That Mexican lasagna sounds yummy! I've heard of it but never tried it. I'll have to look it up!