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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Be Still My Soul" by Joanne Bischoff

Be Still My Soul, Cadence of Grace Series #1   -     
        By: Joanne Bischof

Lonnie Sawyer couldn't wait to leave home, but she didn't plan a shotgun wedding to Gideon O'Reilly, either - even if he was handsome.  Following Gideon to the city to look for work, their plans soon change when Lonnie can't make the journey - and Gideon's patience turns disappears.  Will Lonnie ever experience the joy of true love?

I love the simple narrative of Lonnie's story.  Bischoff's word choice and gift of storytelling adds to Lonnie's mountain environment, creating a simple yet compelling story of faith.  The plot is not action-packed but is heart-full; the drama exists mainly in the heart and soul of Lonnie and Gideon, working to mature their faith and open their hearts to each other.  Yet not for a moment does this story feel slow-moving; instead, Bischoff gives glimpses into each character's past and their current growth that keeps the reader yearning for more.

It is evident that this plot lies in a time and place different from our own; several actions taken by major characters leave you reeling, wanting to reach through the pages to change their course.  Frustrating as these are, they blend the characters' experiences with the setting and further cement these in the reader's mind.

I must admit, I did find certain parts of the story easy to predict; I rather liked these pieces, however, as each one made me feel as if the story was turning out exactly as it should.  Many elements caught me by surprise, but the sweetness of the ones I thought I knew added a familiar comfort to the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ending, both the parts I thought I knew and those I didn't!

I will definitely be on the watch for Bischoff's next book.  I don't want to miss it!

I received a free copy of Be Still My Soul from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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