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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GratiTuesday - Chicken Pox Craziness

A few days after we returned from Pennsylvania, the kids began coughing in the middle of the night.  During the day, it didn't seem like a very big deal - it's just a cough, right?  But at one in the morning, when both kids were coughing and coughing, so very hard, I felt very helpless.

After hearing one wheeze, we dug out their inhalers, and they helped, but the coughing continued.  My Little Man, who usually sleeps so well and long, has been awake late at night and up impossibly early, so I was excited yesterday when he slept in.  Maybe he's finally getting better, I thought, and questioned my decision to take them to the doctor.  After all, it wouldn't be the first time that I got derided for what was deemed a 'silly' visit.

Then My Big Helper saw squirrels heading into her squirrel mansion, and she came running to get me.  As we sat on the couch together, watching a squirrel go in and out of his hole as if he were a kid caught in a revolving door, I noticed a few small spots on her cheek.  

It didn't take much further investigation to find that her top half was covered with these strange red spots.  Some raised, some not, some big, some small, they were everywhere - and I immediately called the doctor.

Surprisingly, we were able to get right in, and soon the doctor was walking through the door, asking what was wrong.  I felt silly saying that both kids had bad coughs, especially when they didn't really appear to be having any problems, but something just didn't feel right.

It wasn't.

Those strange spots are the final manifestation of atypical chicken pox - yes, the CHICKEN POX.  Who gets those anymore?  

The kids have been vaccinated, and the doctor assured me that we should be in for a mild case.  He explained that chicken pox is a respiratory virus, which explains the coughing - the kids have the blisters in their throats, which is making it harder to breathe.

Besides these very sore throats, they don't feel all that bad.  They spent the afternoon playing in the playroom, doing crafts, painting together, and making plans for a movie - which they ran out of time to watch.  They lost their spots, too - My Big Helper was spot-free by bedtime.

The spots have reappeared in new places this morning, and they're itchy, but judging from My Big Helper's current fascination with her squirrels and their house, I don't think it's bothering her too much. My Little Man woke up hours early coughing, but after a dose of medicine and some snuggle time, he's moved on to a stack of books.

As much as I hate to see the kids sick, and although I'm quite shocked at this diagnosis, I'm rather glad.  This means that their allergies are not worse as I feared.  This means that we have no new infections to further weaken their lungs.  This means that it will run its course without major issues.  This means that while life might be a bit hectic for the next few days, and while we might have to miss out on some playtime with friends while we're quarantined, we're still handling the current allergy issues well and will be able to be back outside soon.

Who knew the crazy old chicken pox could be such a good thing?

While I'm happy to have such a simple diagnosis, we do still have to stay inside for the next several days.  What do your kids like to do when they're sick?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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