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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life on the Road

There are seasons of life when you need to say 'no' to things that take you away from home.

There are other seasons that take you on the road.

For the past eleven days, we've been in one of those traveling seasons.

It feels like we've been everywhere, but more importantly, we've seen everyone.

We had the opportunity to see family members whom we rarely get the chance to see - and we were able to spend real quality time with them.

When you life 440 miles apart, that doesn't always happen, which has made this past week even more sweet.

We've made lots of memories, some of which we're eager to share, others which will carry over into our school time for the next few weeks, and all of which we'll carry for a lifetime.

What's a great memory you have with a loved one?

Last week Stephanie at Where He Leads, We Follow shared a post about a great DVD-based art curriculum.  We've been looking for one of these, and so it was especially great to read her review.  To find out more, visit Where He Leads, We Follow - and Stephanie, please visit our Inspired Wednesday page and take the "I was featured on Washed Up Inspired Wednesdays' button back with you.  

A Nest in the Rocks
If you have a post about an encouraging activity, project, or trip that you've taken, please link up below and add a link back to this post.  Either way, please read on to find out more about a fun activity that we enjoy here in our nest, and be sure to hop over to Where He Leads, We Follow to check out Stephanie's  Inspiring Wednesday post, too. 

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