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Sunday, October 20, 2013

"A Light for my Path" by Davis Carman

A Light for My Path: An ABC Book Based on Psalm 119

A Light for my Path is not your ordinary kids' book.

It's repetitive in nature, true.  The pages take you through the English alphabet, with colorful drawings of nature, on which each page is featured an animal that starts with that letter and a word that describes God's nature.  The animal is usually then also found, smaller, on the following page.

My Big Helper loved discovering those patterns.

My Little Man was intrigued by the animals themselves.

Both want to go research the animal found on the 'n' page, as it's one that is very unfamiliar to us.

They commented that they liked the book.  They thought it was a good book as it taught them about God's character.

Upon a first read, though, that could be the end - unless you were prepared to go deeper.  If you're not sure how, there are suggestions at the beginning of the book, and here are a few of my own.

This book provides the opportunity to be used as a teaching guide with children elementary aged and younger.  You could refer to this over and over again when reading through scripture or coming upon life events when you want to compare the occurrence in front of you to God's character.  What does that scripture say about God?  How could you see this event?  Does it line up with His character?  Is this something that needs to be investigated more?  I can see asking these questions and more with my kids as different circumstances arise to help them learn how to evaluate events and see them through Jesus' perspective.

A Light for my Path also takes the alphabet theme just a bit further.  In the back of the book is Psalm 119, which is an acrostic poem in Hebrew.  The poem is written out with the Hebrew letter for each stanza found at the top of the page.  I know exactly zero things in Hebrew, so this was interesting to me - and to the kids.  

If you're interested in a book for casual reading, this is probably not your best choice.  With only one word that changes from page to page, it's not exactly action-packed.

But if you're looking for a book that you can use over and over, in several different ways, to inspire, teach, and instruct your children in the ways and character and creativity of God, well ... then A Light for my Path is perfect.

I received a free copy of this book from the Mosaic Review Forum in exchange for an honest review.

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