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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GratiTuesday - Tiny Hands

When your baby is first born you can't wait to count each finger and tiny toe.  You stroke them over and over, memorizing each roll, wrinkle, and dimple.

At first every motion he makes is automatic.  He reacts to reflexes, whether waking or sleeping, and every movement is jerky and quick.

Then he begins to grow.  Soon his gestures suit his personality.  The wrinkles roll out and the dimples settle in.  Fingertips widen until they no longer resemble infant hands but those of toddlers.

Still, it's difficult for him to control his movements.  He begins to be better at running and jumping but hand motions and movements still tend to be big and jerky.

Until one day they're not.  Suddenly he has better hand control, and those fingers look just a bit more like those belonging to a big kid.  He might start writing, coloring in the lines, playing ball, or ... gesturing.

My Little Man has a few very distinct gestures.  He's used them for several years now.  Nobody else in our family makes these exact same motions, and it's difficult to describe them.  I can see those small fingers flick in excitement, and I smile every time.  I know that God has programmed those fingers to move in that distinctive movement, and I know that if He can plan even those tiny things, then He'll take care of my Little Man.

The little boy attached to those fingers is growing up.  Someday he might not want to hold his mommy's hand  or show me his excitement with every finger flick and wave of his hand.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy every single one.  They're little gifts from God, reminding me both that He's in control and to make the most of every moment.

Including memorizing all the dimples.

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