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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey

We have a little Thanksgiving tradition around here that starts on November 1st.  The kids take either butcher paper or a brown paper bag, some orange paper, and some white paper and they cut out a giant turkey.  Every year this turkey takes on a different shape as they 'own' it just a little bit more.

Then they tape-doughnut the whole thing together and stick it to the kitchen door.

For the rest of the month we keep a bag of paper feathers on a corner of the table with a Sharpie.  Whenever we think of something that we're thankful for, that person will write it down and tape the feather to the turkey.

My Little Man tends to think about the very physical things:  napkins, dishes, oranges, and water.  Our Big Helper goes for bigger things - family, friends, etc.  My husband and I throw a bit of everything in there, and so by Thanksgiving the turkey's tail feathers are full and proud.

We've been reminded of our many, many blessings in a very visual way, and then we're ready to thank God for everything on those feathers.

How do you get your hearts ready for Thanksgiving?

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