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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

GratiTuesday - A Black Eye

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We were on vacation, and after a full day, we decided to end it with a silly Christmas movie and popcorn.  The kids were quite happy with this plan and loved the movie that they'd chosen.  They enjoyed it so much, in fact, that they didn't want to go to bed when it ended.

It took a bit of convincing, and finally our Little Man slid down off his chair - and right into the corner of the coffee table.  By this time I was lying on the couch, enjoying the down time myself, when I heard a solid thunk.  I knew the result, whatever it was, wouldn't be good.

I turned to see My Little Man beginning to yell, both hands clapped firmly over his eye.  I had expected a head bump, or a sore arm, perhaps, but his eye? I wasn't sure what to do for that, and remembering a friend who's son had recently cut a gash near the eye, I figured we were headed for the ER.

After pulling him into my lap and coaxing away the hands, I saw a bloody cut across his eyelid.  It didn't appear to be too deep, but the blood was forming and dripping out, making it difficult to be sure.

My husband ran for a wet washcloth and we held it in place, snuggling together on the couch for a bit, until we were sure that it was simply a cut and not anything more serious.  My husband put him to bed and stayed with him for a while, checking repeatedly to make sure that he was okay.

Me?  I was busy being thankful that his eye was safe.  Had he hit only a fraction of an inch differently, the table's corner would've hit his naked eye - and our evening would've had a far different ending.

The cut bothered him for a few days, pulling when he blinked, and it gave him a slight black eye.  A few days later, however, this was all that remained - a scab on his eyelid that is already beginning to fall off.

This week I'm excited about black eyes.  About the strength that they show, but more importantly, what they don't - an injured eye, stitches, vision impairment.  My Little Man's eyelid did its job - and for that I'm very grateful.

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