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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GratiTuesday - Silver and Gold and Fancy Fingernails, Too

They say that friends are like silver and gold.

I get that.  They're precious and invaluable, something that you can't purchase or replace.  A good friend is a gift from God.  Someone who will tell you the truth no matter what and stay with you through times of craziness or chaos.

Or maybe drop everything and let you snuggle with her new baby while she puts her hands on a project with which you're personally stuck and frustrated.

I have a friend like that.

Last week she let the kids and I crash her peaceful house while she helped me with a project - something that is right up her alley but across town from mine.  She's continued to help me fine tune and fix issues ever since virtually.

This isn't the only time she's amazing, either - she proves that over and over.

She's the president of our local homeschool association, and God handpicked her for it.  Not only does she know what she's talking about school-wise, but she's professional, organized, and great with technology.  She knows everybody, is comfortable in a myriad of situations, and keeps us all on the ball.

I especially like her creativity and vision, though.  She's steering our group in uncharted (for us) waters, and she's not always doing so through calm seas - but you'd never know it to look at her.  She keeps planning and e-mailing and researching and coming up with new things, and it shows.  Our group is growing and growing, and that's (at least) in part to all of the things that our group now has to offer - because someone is putting in the massive time and effort to lead our education group in a professional and creative way.

I'm sure that she feels unappreciated at times.  It's super easy for us homeschooling moms to get wrapped up in our own schedules and craziness and to forget that we're part of a group - and that we all have a bit of chaos in our lives.  That we all are busy and that we still need to work together.  That events can only be as good as the effort that we all put into them.

But she is still kind and encouraging.  She's blunt and honest and speaks truth as she sees it, but she does so nicely.  That's not easy!  She's not afraid to let you know when you're off course but also quick to praise and to point out the possibilities inherent to a new endeavor.  

And so she's encouraging and praying for me as I head into a new project, being helpful and there as always.

She even does so with fancy fingernails.

I think being amazing is a pretty tough job.  Fancy fingernails are impossible to me.

She's just that impressive - and I'm happy to call her 'friend.'

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