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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GratiTuesday - A Much-Needed Nap

Life has been a bit busier than usual around here lately.  We've been busy doing good things - nighttime baseball games, simple dates with the kids, working on the house - but we haven't had the 'down' time that we usually do.

It caught up to me this weekend.

I ended up with a headache, and I always have trouble sleeping with those, so I kept feeling worse.

Yesterday dawned really cold and rainy, and none of us were in the happiest of moods.  While we enjoyed our simple Columbus Day activities, the kids and I really just wanted to snuggle by the fireplace and read.

Then late yesterday afternoon my husband disappeared in search of dry wood - not an easy task, since it's been raining for days and we haven't begun to stack wood yet (it is only early October and we live in the Carolinas).  He returned with enough wood for an evening fire and built it with the kids.

After a dinner of hot soup and sandwiches, we returned to the fireplace, where I promptly snuggled up with my favorite blanket - and fell asleep.

I don't fall asleep all that easily and never fall asleep randomly.  Early, occasionally, but never right after dinner.

I did last night, though, and woke up to find the kids calling out letters in response to Vanna's puzzles, camped out on a blanket in front of the fire.  My husband tucked them in when it was time, and I wasn't needed to move from my cozy spot by the fire for the rest of the evening.

The headache did eventually disappear, but although I still felt rather fuzzy for the rest of the evening, the warmth, rest, and downtime with my husband was just what I needed.

I can't wait for another chilly night.  :-)

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