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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GratiTuesday - Free Chocolate!

A few months ago I received a message saying that I had won a giveaway from The Contest Corner. Winning anything is exciting, of course, but then I found out that I won this:


And not just any chocolate - but chocolate made in my Pennsylvanian hometown!

I was super excited about both parts of this fun turn of events and even more so when my package arrived in the mail.  It came with this wide assortment of chocolates.  Pretzels, non-pareils, covered graham crackers, nuts - it was all yummy.  Truly, I'm not sure that a better kind of prize exists!

My package arrived right after Christmas, when the entertaining and visiting was over and the New Year's celebration was about to begin.  Since I did not buy our traditional box of mixed chocolates this year, my Asher's Chocolates were most welcome.

We enjoyed every bite of these chocolates and slyly fought over them.  The chocolately treats were loved by all of us.  

Who wouldn't like to have great chocolate delivered to your door for free??

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  1. All of us at Asher's Chocolates are thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed them!

  2. Yummy! Now that is a good prize to win! Chocolate fits all situations. :)

  3. Looks great ---- and, despite my facebook post last night, by the time I got up from the sofa, I was so tired I just went right to no chocolate for me last night! You know I must have been tired!