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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GratiTuesday: Praying Circles Around Your Children

Praying Circles Around Your Children    -     
        By: Mark Batterson

Have you ever wondered about all those blessings in the Bible?  You know, "May the Lord bless you and keep you, ...."  The blessings that the fathers always gave to their sons?  Why did they have a limited number of them, and where did they come from?

I've never quite understood that.  Maybe I've been making it too difficult, but for some time now I've been searching for more information.

I've finally found it.  

Mark Batterson has a new little book out called Praying Circles Around Your Children.  This easy-to-read, super-short book is chock-full of examples of how to pray and what to pray and when to pray over your children.  He explains why this is both a Biblical and practical parenting tool, and even details how his own children have come to depend on receiving this blessing.  

Our children pray often and spontaneously.  They pray together and independently.  They pray prayers from children's prayer books and their own creative ones, but they are more more open with their prayers than I have ever been.  

They are growing rapidly, however - by leaps and bounds every day.  They're no longer the tiny babies I brought home from the hospital, or the toddlers who were always made happy at the sight of a banana.  They're now reading and writing, doing their own baking and beginning to sew, playing sports and broadening their circle of influence.  Soon they'll leave their children's books on the shelves and be making plans for adulthood, and fruit will no longer solve their life's dilemmas.  I want to prepare them as well as I possibly can, starting with the instructions laid out in Deuteronomy 6 and praying circles around them.

From physical touch to scriptural prayer, Praying Circles Around Your Children will get your parental blessings off the ground.  You'll devour this book in a single sitting and soon be on your way to making blessings a daily part of your parenting.

Today I'm grateful to authors like Batterson who write such concise, well planned books and provide us with the tools that we need to be stronger parents.  I'm grateful for the hands that made this book appear in my mailbox just when I needed it.  

I'm excited to have two copies of Batterson's new book to share with you.  This giveaway will open tomorrow morning.  Will you join me in this great journey of prayerful parenting?

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  1. I think I was casually praying (and not on a daily basis) in a generic sort of way for my children when they were young, but it REALLY kicked in when the oldest one got his drivers license. I was unreasonably terrified that some horrible accident would occur and he would be killed. I realize that is always possible whenever anyone drives, but my fear was paralyzing. I prayed every time they got in a car - eventually my fears subsided to a more "normal" level, and now my focus in my daily prayers is for a good marriage (for the oldest engaged one) and for the Lord to help the youngest one (not dating anyone currently)to recognize who the right person is. I now have a known daughter-in-law to pray for too, and one whose name I don't know yet. Although the type of prayers may change as they age, I think it is great to get into that habit now, instead of waiting, as I did, until they get behind the wheel of a car.

    1. I'm not looking forward to the driving years at all, Lynne, but I think it is the idea of sending them out into this big, scary world without years of prayer-paration that scares me most. Choosing careers, spouses, raising children - it's big stuff that we're prepping them to do!

      However, on the days when I have to hand over the car keys, I'll probably be a nervous wreck.

  2. I have this book but have yet to read it. Thank you for encouraging me to open it up and get started!