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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Become a Pancake Artist

My  Nana sends my kids awesome and amazing holiday packages, full of fun things to make that particular season or holiday brighter.  A while back she sent us a 'thingamajiggy,' as my Little Man would say, that lets you draw with your pancake batter.  Cool idea, right?

When she sent us a package of pink and sparkly Valentine pancake mix earlier in the month, we knew that had to be a part of our heart-shaped day.  Both kids cheered when they realized I was drawing their breakfast, and they each began to shout out their favorite shapes.

We began with simple hearts in honor of Valentine's Day, but they were too excited to stay with those for long.

Soon this snowman and the dinosaur seen below made appearances.  I definitely need to break out the pancake art tool more often.  It's a small thing, it's easy to use, and it definitely makes breakfast time more fun.

I think that Nana found this fancy gadget at a kitchen store (it really is cool - top to go over the spout so you can fridge the batter and make more tomorrow, unscrewable bottom for easy cleaning) but if you want simple, I think you could make your own.  Try using a zip-top baggy and cutting off a corner or a plastic picnic condiment bottle and cutting the top spout down lower.  I think either option would give you your own pancake artist tool - and happy kids, too!

How do you make breakfast fun?

Last week Following in His Footsteps linked up a post about how to utilize Pinterest as a homeschool planning tool.  I love to do this same thing - and I'll be following these Pinterest boards, too.  If you would like to get ideas for ways to incorporate the arts into your homeschool, be sure to check out her post - and Following in His Footsteps, please visit our Inspired Wednesday page and take the "I was featured on Washed Up Inspired Wednesdays' button back with you.  

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