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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike - with Winter Promise & FREEBIES!

If you've been reading here at our Nest for any time at all, you've probably noticed that we homeschool - and that we like to get down and dirty with our education.

We read lots of books, we cook and bake often, we build things and explore and sew.  We all love it - it's fun and in-depth and my kids really understand and remember the things we study.

For the Mommy-Teacher, though, it's a lot of work. 

It's work that I love - I am a certified teacher - and I've dreamed of having my own chalkboard since I was in kindergarten.  Pulling all of these things together, however, is very time consuming, and so I love finding quality materials that will save me time and encourage my kids.

I recently stumbled across the mother lode.

There's a curriculum company called Winter Promise that offers Charlotte Mason and unit-study-style curriculum for homeschoolers.  You can buy a complete boxed set or purchase pieces individually - and these resources are structured unlike any I've ever seen.

The science curriculum includes things like dinosaurs and horses.  What kid wouldn't want to spend an entire school year delving into either one of those topics?  (I'm pretty sure My Little Man is on Year 3 of his independent dinosaur study, at least.)

The history curriculum includes studies like 'Hideaways in History,' where kids get to build an actual place from the time they're studying, like building a pyramid while studying Egypt.  There's also a culture and geography program called 'Children Around the World' - and when I discovered that, I got really excited.

Partly because my kids love learning about other kids in other places.

But mostly because Winter Promise has shared some great samples of this curriculum - for FREE!  Now you can be sure that it's a perfect fit for your family before you purchase.

You can download a free sample of this 'Children Around the World Curriculum' here - and this is a meaty sample.  It's a full 32 pages of stories, student response sheets, and directions for hands-on activities.  The sample focuses on England - and there's some great stuff there.  I can't wait to study it!

There are more samples connected with this curriculum, as well.  Check them out:

Here are some samples from the Hideaways in History curriculum:

There's an activity in one of these samples above that I'm definitely going to use with a book club this fall.  :-)

Here's a whole mini unit about ancient Rome.
Hideaways - Experience 2012 - Cover

Here's another fun sample, too, that come from the 'Adventures in the Sea and Sky' program - and I'm totally using this idea for a book club this fall, as well.  It might also be on my list for next year when we study pirates.  ;-)


So there you have it.  The mother lode of freebie resources from a great-sounding new publisher.  These will allow you to build, cook, host parties, dress up and act out, all while learning from the inside out.

You can find other ways to use Winter Promise over here at the blog.

Thanks, Winter Promise.  I'm happy to make your acquaintance.  I think we'll be very good friends.  :-)
Have you heard of Winter Promise before??  What style of school do you do?

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*I am being indirectly compensated for this post with a piece of WP curriculum.  Thus far, I have seen only the freebies that you see linked above - but the opinions stated above are my own.  I am most impressed with the freebies and look forward to learning more about this company.

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